The Henry County Sheriff’s Department investigated four reports of mailbox vandalism during the holiday weekend.

In one case, a $500 cast iron mailbox was vandalized at a home on Pettijohn Creek Road southeast of Henry sometime Friday night.

According to the report by Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Davis, the owner stated the mailbox had been knocked down.

He later found the mailbox 5 miles from his home while driving on Henry-Mansfield Road east of Henry.

Davis also investigated the vandalism of a $25 mailbox on Van Dyke Road south of Paris, which apparently also took place Friday night.

Three mailboxes were damaged on the same road later during the weekend.

Sheriff’s Cpl. Forrest Kemp took a report of a mailbox that was vandalized between 7 p.m. Sunday and 11:30 a.m. Monday.

The mailbox’s wooden post was cracked and the concrete base damaged, causing an estimated $50 in damage. There was no sign of the $50 mailbox.

Sheriff’s Cpl. Milton Webb also took reports of mailbox vandalism at two separate addresses on Van Dyke Road Sunday morning.


In an apparently unrelated incident, a $1,000 sign was stolen from a store on Highway 79 northeast of Paris during the weekend.

Sheriff’s Deputy Blake Jenkins stated the theft was reported Saturday morning at Hooks and Horns, 12595 Highway 79.

The store’s Bass Pro Shop sign was taken from a wall between Friday night and Saturday morning.

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