Editor's Note: The following press release was posted without editing.

Paris, TN – The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is committed to providing safe and reliable power to its more than 22,000 customers in Henry County. A big factor in reliability is ensuring equipment is properly maintained, repaired and updated. Planned power outages are often necessary for equipment repairs and replacement.

Planned interruptions to electric service help keep customers and BPU crew members safe while work is being done. Additionally, they allow BPU to notify customers of when and how long power will be out. When scheduling these planned outages, BPU makes every effort to plan outages during times when customers will be the least inconvenienced.

“We understand that outages of any kind, planned or not, are never ideal for our customers,” said Cole Edwards, Director of Engineering and Operations at BPU. “However, with reliability and safety being major parts of BPU’s mission, planned outages are a necessity.”

To ensure you receive a call if a planned outage will be impacting your home or business, please make sure your contact information is up to date. If you need to update your information you can call BPU Customer Service at 731-642-1322. Representatives are available from 8 am – 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

About BPU - Established as an independent board of the City of Paris in 1938, BPU is a municipally-owned utility that provides electric, water and wastewater services to residents of Henry County as a means of promoting economic development and enhancing quality of life in the community. Serving over 22,000 homes and businesses, BPU strives to provide reliable, safe and affordable services to our community.

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