If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate this week, I’m happy to provide fodder for consideration.

Since March 1, we’ve had National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, National Pig Day, National Celery Day;

And Katie Fisher Day, not nation-

al, but this one invites you to pick someone you love, bake and send them cookies. If that’s not a reason to rejoice, I don’t know what is.

This week, take a minute and reflect on how you spend your time every day. Are you busy from morning until night, but you don’t ever seem to get caught up, finished, organized or where you were planning to go?

Here’s what I know: Busyness is its own taskmaster. I make a to-do list every day to keep me organized and, some days, that list and I are in sync and so smooth I amaze myself at how focused I am.

But I get distracted early and, once that happens, the day is shot. I don’t mind too much having a few wayward days, but when you have more of those than anything else, it’s time to stop, look and listen.

Stop saying yes to every request. Look at your plans and decide if some of them need a different priority level, and listen to your heart.

How much of what you’re doing is what you want to do and how much is what gets thrust upon you because you didn’t follow the first thing (stop) on the list?

I have a sign on my desk: “Do more of what makes you happy,” and I try to honor that.

Celebrations don’t have to be big or important, they just have to occur. On March 14, I plan to celebrate National Popcorn Lovers Day, because I may be addicted. If I smell it, I have to have some!

It’s also National Potato Chip Day, but in honor of my waistline and my efforts to weigh less than the heavyweight champion of the world, I’m skipping that one.

Seriously, if you’re able to admire a sunrise or sunset, it’s cause for celebration when you think of those who have lost their sight or freedom and don’t have that privilege.

I love mornings, and sunrises have been especially beautiful lately, especially since I’m making an effort to stop and admire them. I bask in the sunlight on my face and remember that this, too, is a precious freedom.

Saturday is National Freedom of Information Day. Take a minute and celebrate those who fought for laws that require our government to conduct their business in the open and make/keep records public.

When there is no transparency or access, the wrong things happen. Exercise, understand and cherish your right to know.

Finally, make a note that National Everything You Do is Right Today Day is coming up Saturday. No matter what you’re planning, everything you do is right.

So, whatever you want to do, you can’t go wrong. If you want to do nothing, that’s right, too. I don’t know who created this day, but I’m loving it!

Don’t forget to celebrate you, because you absolutely deserve a celebration this month, because you are awesome and amazing, or you’re going to be. 

Oh, and March is also National Red Cross Month. Donate, volunteer and pray for this important work and for those they serve.

Be blessed and keep shining.


CYNTHIA A. BOND HOPSON, Ph.D., of Cordova is a native Tennessean, educator, author and mentor. She and her husband, Roger, lived in Paris twice. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook@drbondhopson.

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