Bo Ezell

Benton County hunter Bo Ezell, 13, bagged this 27-point buck last week during the holidays. The buck has 27 scorable points and has a green rough gross score of 213-7/8 and estimated to be 6.5 years old.

As deer hunters across Tennessee are winding down the season comes news of a trophy buck bagged last week in Benton County.

The impressive deer was taken by a 13-year-old and sported a 27-point rack. That’s pretty amazing as very few veteran hunters can boast of such a huge buck.

Watch for more on this trophy deer story to emerge in the weeks ahead. Here’s the story posted on Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s website this week:

All great deer have an equally unlikely hunting story to go with it. Bo Ezell’s story is just as entertaining as his big deer.

Bo woke up December 28th wanting to go squirrel hunting but couldn’t find his dog so he was just hanging around the house when a friend called to ask if “he wanted to come shoot a buck that she just saw behind her house.” Bo took his time getting dressed and getting to the friend’s house not expecting to see the buck. Upon his arrival, she told him the deer went down to the creek.

Bo and the friend walked down to the creek when the she pointed out the deer. “Don’t you see him” she asked. Bo looked over to see a buck that “looked like it had a big bush on his head”. The buck was peeing in a scrape as he fired. That’s when the buck looked directly at Bo. He says “I got rattled and just started shaking”.   

Bo ending up firing multiple times hitting him three times. When it was all over, he had to sit down and think about what just happened. According to Bo it was just “crazy” hunt. He went from thinking he was going hunting for a small buck which was actually a monster buck that unfolded in a whirlwind of multiple strange events.

The buck has 27 scorable points and has a green rough gross scored of 213-7/8 and estimated to be 6.5 years old.

Congratulations Bo on an impressive deer!


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