I know some people are getting tired of hearing about COVID-19. And with that, there is the tendency to ignore or otherwise dismiss the advice of officials, even when it is good advice, just because we are tired of it.

Let’s take a moment to consider where we are, and how we got here: How do you fix a problem when you do not know what it is?

You have no information. Just fix it! What is broken? No information. Where do I look? No information. Who is involved? No information. This is the essence of our problem with COVID-19.

Before about November last year, there was no COVID-19.

Veterinarians have dealt with COVID viruses (corona viruses) in animals for years, but not COVID-19, and not among humans!

COVID-19 is a mutation of the COVID virus; a mutation that took place last fall in Wuhan, China. That is the “when and where” COVID-19 came into existence.

Other questions about it take time to find the answers.

What caused this virus to mutate has not been fully explained. A recent news report has revealed that the mutation was not from among animal and human interaction, but from a lab in Wuhan.

This brings up many questions that need further investigation. This early indication shows that we are living in a world far more dangerous than what nature alone can throw at us.

Answers are what are needed. But I feel that our relationship with China will be greatly changed as the answers come out.

Moving on. In November and December, beginning in Wuhan and then expanding outward, China found out that COVID-19 was very contagious among humans.

How do you fix a problem when you have no information? What did they know? And when did they know it? These seem to be the obvious questions to ask.

Was there an immediate quarantine? Apparently not. Warnings to the World Health Organization (WHO) and others now seem to have taken an inordinate amount of time.

Did China impose a travel ban? No. They even protested the travel ban President Donald Trump started in January. WHO, along with some of our doctors and politicians, also were opposed to this ban.

Was China even gathering other information? The reporting of it seems to have been slow in coming out.

How contagious? How deadly? Where has it spread? How does it spread? What are the treatments for it? Do our doctors and hospitals have those unknown treatments?

How do you fix a problem when you have no information?

In January and February, COVID-19 was already here, in New York, California and Washington State. It was spreading through Europe, Australia, South America and other places around the globe.

Trump did the right thing. We had to slow the spread of it to gain the time we need to get the answers, as well as trying to keep our medical industry from being overwhelmed.

And again, people thought he was an alarmist. Funny that many of those same people now want to place blame on Trump for not doing enough soon enough, as our hospitals have been running low on supplies.

March stay-home warnings have passed and now April has more warnings. And still the answers seem slow in coming. What do we know?

COVID-19 is a very contagious disease. We might say dangerously contagious as it can, and does, transmit from people who have no symptoms!

Among the young and strong, they may get it and never know they had it, having no symptoms of illness. Yet, these same people can spread it among their families and acquaintances, and find it deadly among them.

Dangerously contagious? I would say so. How would you like to find out that you gave your grandmother the disease that kills her? This is not something we can ignore.

As we move forward, good advice remains the same. Keep your distance from others. Stay home as much as possible. Wash your hands often, for a full 20 seconds.

Don’t touch your face unless you have just washed your hands. Clean surfaces that get touched by others. Wear a mask when you are among others.

Open packages outside your home, and dispose of that packaging outside, too. Wash your hands. Clean everything you do bring home, including your clothing and body.

If you use gloves, please remember they are not magical disease stoppers. Gloves get contaminated when they touch something contaminated.

And you will be spreading that contamination with your gloves if you don’t wash or remove and dispose of them before touching other places.

If you are sick, quarantine yourself. Call your doctor and follow the directions. It’s up to each and all of us to slow or stop the spread of this new disease.

I have an over-60 family member who thinks he had COVID-19. This was before he had heard the name; before there were stay-home warnings.

He thinks he got it from a new chair. Contaminated materials from China? Or contaminated during shipping? No one knows.

He had the symptoms of COVID-19, but no tests were available then. And without knowing there was a pandemic in the making, he had no way to connect his symptoms to it.

So he has no professional diagnosis. But the symptoms fit.

He felt like his lungs were full of fluid. He had trouble getting enough air. And when he walked just a few feet, he was winded and had to sit still so he could regain air enough to take a few more steps.

At first, he thought it was walking pneumonia, so not particularly contagious. Still, he practiced “social distancing” before there was such a thing, and quarantined himself ’til he got over it.

How? He is one of those hard-headed characters who avoid doctors at ever available opportunity. So, no doctor’s advice or treatment.

He took lots of vitamin C and an over-the-counter expectorant, and was soon over it. He may be onto something.

Vitamin C therapy is gaining interest, according to a March 24 New York Post article (“New York Hospitals Treating Coronavirus Patients With Vitamin C, nypost.com).

In Wuhan, a clinical trial for the effectiveness of vitamin C as a treatment for COVID-19 is being done.

Early results — or maybe just anecdotal evidence — has been encouraging enough that 23 New York hospitals are using vitamin C as a therapy for their COVID-19 patients, according to the article.

Their dosage is 1500 mg intravenously four or five times per day.

I am sure that somewhere doctors for humans are also discussing the drugs that veterinarians use on animals with regular COVID infections.

With that, or in addition to it, Trump has announced that clinical testing has begun for the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, and nine other drugs, with 15 more being prepared for trials.

And, at Trump’s insistence, the FDA is on board, too.

Trump has been the champion for fixing this problem since early on. Others, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, are quick to dampen the enthusiasm for finding what works, with “It hasn’t been tested” or “It may not be safe.”

Where is this doctor’s concern for patients? Shouldn’t he instead say, “Let’s get it tested!” or “Let’s find something that helps!”? We are not hearing this from him.

Fauci wants the country to stay closed ’til September. Why? Time for “Big Pharma” to invent new drugs and expensive vaccines? And, of course, more time for those to be tested.

Until some of these drugs pass the test, the FDA has no accepted treatment plan nor drug protocol for COVID-19.

Ventilators are being used to help the patient breath while he/she gets over it, or dies. Nothing else has been authorized by the FDA.

Some of the stories I have heard is that some doctors waited ’til the death of their patients were imminent. Then they ordered the malaria drug, and within hours the patients’ symptoms improved.

Other doctors are quicker to use this therapy, again with positive results. These are not clinical test results, as this is only anecdotal evidence.

Still, I don’t know why, but some doctors will not use it.

I am hoping Trump does not let Big Pharma use our suffering to make themselves huge profits at our expense. Big Pharma likes fear and desperation.

That is how they sell us crazy expensive drugs, with many dangerous side effects. And we buy them because we are in fear for our lives.

Hopefully, we can avoid that suffering with quick results from these clinical tests of existing drugs, so sick people can get affordable, life-saving therapies.

The sooner we get our answer for something clinically proven to work, the sooner COVID-19 will be a footnote in history, rather than the fear- and hysteria-generating monster of which we were told. Time will tell.


ALICE BARNES of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. Her email address is alibar@gmx.com.

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