For the first time in the history of the Paris Board of Public Utilities, the utility has earned a perfect score on its annual Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Water System Audit.

This audit has been taking place annually since 1950 and under the leadership of Tony Brown, BPU director of water/wastewater operations, the utility earned a 599 out of 599 on the 2019 audit. 

“Tony Brown’s leadership and his own standard of excellence is a major asset to the BPU,” said Terry Wimberley, BPU general manager. “His attention to detail is on display with this perfect score. I am proud of him and our water department staff for this historic feat.”

The survey consisted of a records review to document the operational performance of the water system. During the survey, eight key areas are reviewed including; source, treatment, distribution system, finished water storage, pumps, monitoring/reporting, management/operation and operator compliance. 

“Paris Board of Public Utilities personnel are to be commended for the upkeep, running and maintenance of the water treatment plant and distribution system in such an exemplary manner. 

The Division is looking forward to seeing your new water plant that is due to be completed in mid-2020,” the survey reads.

“This is a great accomplishment for our utility,” said Brown. “Over the last three years, we’ve updated all our manuals and reports for the water system and as a department focused on the importance of paying attention to detail and keeping all records up to date.”

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