Britannie Scarbrough has always been an animal lover. She grew up with dogs, and made sure her children had pets to play with as they grew up.

Her own experience with pets is how Scarbrough came up with the idea of owning her own doggie day care.

B’s Lucky Pups Lodge, located at 380 Buchanan Road, opened a few months ago, and its ribbon cutting with the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce was March 2.

It focuses on plenty of off-leash time on couches, watching TV or playing in the large, enclosed backyard. The lodge even has a private “executive suite” so a family’s dogs can enjoy their own couches, toys and TV.

New business or not, Scarbrough knows how to operate with her hands full. 

She raised four children with her husband Jason Scarbrough, and kept dogs, cats, chickens and even a pet goat while taking care of her family.

When the Scarbroughs went on vacation, though, they found a snag — one that many pet owners face.

They didn’t want to board their beloved pets while they were gone.

“We wanted to give the community something we wished we had,” said Scarbrough. 

“It was a dream born out of necessity,” she added.

Scarbrough has always been business-minded. She knew there was a market in the area for a doggie daycare, and she set out to make it happen.

For two years, she researched the idea and spoke to people about how it might work.

Scarbrough was a dogsitter for friends when they were out of town, and stopped at other doggie daycares when she traveled.

She could see how one would work, and began learning how to make her dream a reality.

When a rental property owned by her family ended up vacant, she said her husband asked her if she still wanted to open the daycare.

Scarbrough and members of her family renovated the house and got it ready to host several dogs.

Now, Scarbrough’s daycare can accommodate 11 or 12 dogs at a time, and she said it’s a joy to have them.

She said she loves spending her days with the animals, and especially loves watching the joy on owners’ faces when they pick up a calm and happy dog.

“The best day is pickup day,” she smiled. “When the dogs see and recognize a car through the window.”

The daycare is located right next to Scarbrough’s home, so she’s able to get from home to work and vice versa whenever necessary.

“Our aim was to offer a home-like atmosphere for the dogs,” she said, “So they don’t get scared or anxious, or dread when their owners go out of town.”

Finding an appropriate balance between her new, thriving business, and time with her family has proved to be a challenge, but nothing Scarbrough can’t face.

“Being self-employed … it becomes your life,” she said. “I really have to tell myself when I need to go home.”

The other challenge she faces is having to turn dogs away when the daycare is full — she hates to say no, but is accepting the fact that she can’t always take in every dog.

B’s Lucky Pups Lodge already has plans for expansion, though. 

The current expansion is going through the garage to create a space more optimal for larger dogs. The space will have a big play area and bigger kennels to accommodate large breeds.

Scarbrough said that, in a few years, another expansion will pave the way for new, kitty clients. 

For now, she has her hands full with her furry friends.

To reserve a spot at B’s Lucky Pups Lodge, text Scarbrough at 336-0473 or visit her page on Facebook. Calling is fine too, but if she’s with some barking dogs, it may be hard to hear.

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