A downtown cannot be a true downtown without restaurants. The downtown area of Paris has had its share of cafes and diners, and still does.

The history of Paris wouldn’t be complete without mentions of the Swanee Castle or Redmon’s Barbecue.

The Swanee Castle was located on East Wood Street, in more than one spot. 

“They had the best cheeseburger in town,” longtime Paris resident Nina Cotton said. 

Nathan’s was located on North Poplar Street, specializing in seafood. It became Knott’s Landing, and they continued to be a popular catfish place.

The Bob Neese Cafe was located under the old Princess Theater, and Shemwell’s Cafe was located on the east side of the square.

Kay’s Steak House started on East Washington Street. There were also two American Grills, as well as the Checkerboard Cafe.

Redmon’s Barbecue on Caldwell Street operated for decades, with owner Carl Redmon passing it down to son Fugate. 

The Coffee Cup was on West Wood,   by the railroad tracks.

Even though these and many other former cafes have closed throughout the years, the downtown area of Paris still has some excellent dining spots.

Take Me Back Cafe on West Wood Street offers breakfast and lunch most days, while staying open for dinner until 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Jack’s Java serves coffee and much more throughout the day.

Uncle Billy’s on South Market Street, is the successor to the former Paulette’s. Before that, it was HRH Dumplins.

LL’s Bar and Grill on East Washington Street and Perry’s Barbecue on West Ruff Street are other highlights of downtown Paris.

LL’s is known for its cheeseburgers, while Perry’s is a popular choice for catering community events.

RJ’s Lounge and Billiards, as well as El Antojo Grill are both on Brewer Street. 

For those who like a Chinese food option, the Golden Dragon has become a popular spot on West Washington Street, on the north side of the court square.

And finish it all off with a visit to the A La Mode Sweet Shoppe on North Market Street, specializing in cupcakes and ice cream, but also serving sandwiches.

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