Attending an academic conference

Allie Paschall working on science experiments during the academic conference.

On June 10, 2021, I had the opportunity to participate
in the state 4-H Academic Conference at the University of Tennessee at Martin campus.

The academic conference is an activity where you get to be in college-type classes for the day. My classes were in the nu- trition, health and fitness proj- ect area. We worked with three of UT Martin’s professors in the family and consumer sci- ences department, including Dr. Laura Brown, Brian Car- roll and Lori Littleton.

While on campus, I got to do several experiments including elephant toothpaste and an oil type solution. Then, we did an experiment with milk, food dye and dish soap. We also made a lava lamp. It was a lot of fun.

There were several healthy snack breaks, and we got to eat lunch on campus since we were college students

for the day. After lunch, we broke down our meals and learned about MyPlate. With that activity, we talked about portions of food and what we eat every day. Afterward, the different project groups mixed together for a social activity

which taught us the impact of drinking through the use of impaired goggles. We had to walk in straight lines and toss items into buckets wearing the goggles. It was tough.

At the end of our college day, every project came together and celebrated with an official graduation presented by Dr. Todd Winters, dean of the Col-

lege of Agriculture and Ap- plied Sciences. He presented us with a few UT Martin items and an academic conference diploma. Even though it was a one-day event because of COVID,

it was still very, very fun. Hopefully next year we can participate in the full experi- ence at UT Knoxville.

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