Public speaking makes for fun, exciting event

I have never been at a loss for words. I guess that is why the public speaking project is one of my favorite contests 4-H has to offer. I have had the opportunity to write speeches on various topics beginning in the fourth grade with “My favorite … ” 

In fifth grade our topic was “Our hero,” and last year we could write anything we wanted. I wrote my speech about my favorite place to visit — Disney World. It is always easier to write about topics you are passionate about and I love the Mouse.

Every January, I look forward to having fun while competing with classmates. Everyone is so creative with topics and delivery it makes for an exciting event. Last year as a sixth-grader, I won the county contest and got to travel to Henderson to compete in the district contest. 

The competition was tough, but I pulled out a win. Public speaking is one of the many skills 4-H offers that I know will be helpful throughout my whole life. 

The 4-H program is training youth to be successful adults and our Henry County Extension agents invest much time and effort to help us. 

We are lucky to live in a community that is so supportive and encouraging to young people. 

This week we celebrate 117 years of 4-H with 6.5 million members across the United States. Exciting times are ahead because we are “Making the Best Better.”

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