Leigh Anne Barrett’s fifth-grade 4-H club at Paris Elementary School met on Nov. 1 and the meeting was called to order by President Carter Archie.

Vice President Keshawn Johnson called on Dalton Noyes to lead the pledge of allegiance and Kaley Dickerson to lead the 4-H pledge.

The thought of the day was given by Sam Cross and a poem was read by Precious Tharpe.

Extension agent Staci Foy showed the class how to do a demonstration. She showed the class the proper steps on how to ride a horse.

Purple ribbon winners in the poster contest were Reed Jackson and Channing Michael.

Blue and red ribbon winners were Aliyna Jones, Keshawn Johnson, Carter Archie, Sam Cross and Starla Ray; green ribbon, Camron Odom.

The next meeting was to be Dec. 9 and include the recycling project.

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