It has been a very busy and exciting year for the Wade family. Kaelin and Paul were both very involved in their chosen projects. Activities through 4-H have allowed opportunities for the entire family to participate. 

Both boys participated in meat judging. Paul has chosen wildlife management as his project. He participated in a wildlife management competition. The family took a trip to the District Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency at Lake Graham in Madison County. In addition to touring the facility and grounds, the boys were able to go on a boat and help the agents set fish traps. It was a learning experience for the entire family. 

Fun was had by all. Kaelin chose companion animal for his project. Jason and I allowed him to adopt a dog from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department Animal Shelter. Kaelin kept a journal of his activities, expenses and daily care for his dog.

Kaelin came to me with an idea to have a benefit dance for the Henry County Sheriff’s Department Animal Shelter as a Community Service Project. This was such a large undertaking for someone so young. I admit, I was afraid I would be doing all the work. 

I told Kaelin to make a plan and list all the things he would need and how he planned to accomplish it.  

A few hours later, he worked out every detail. I hope “Dancing for Dogs” becomes an annual event. 

Months went into preparing for the event. I was astonished by the amount of support he received from the Sheriff’s Department, local businesses and the community. 

Soon, the entire family was getting involved. Extended family, friends, and neighbors got excited about the event and were helping. The event raised more than $4,000 to help make repairs to the building at the Sheriff’s Department Animal Shelter.  

At the annual 4-H banquet, the Wade family was recognized as Family of the Year. We were all surprised to receive such an honor. 

Jason and I are thankful for the opportunities that have been offered to the entire family through 4-H.  

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