The Agricultural Extension Service

and Henry County Livestock Association

have compiled this hay and grain referral

to assist local farmers. To promote

accuracy in the list, county Extension

Director Michele Atkins said producers

who have sold out of hay should call the

Extension office so their names may be

removed from the list. Call 642-2941 with

deletions, additions or questions.

• Smith Farms in Henry, 731-694-4425,

has 5x5 round bales and 5-1/2x5-1/2 round

bales for sale: mixed grass bales, $35;

timothy, orchard grass and fescue mixed

bales, $40.

• Paul Neal, 731-352-2831, has square

bales of mixed grass hay, as well as square

bales of straw.

• David Lindsey, 642-1800, has 5x5-1/2

rolls of mixed grass hay for sale, $30.

• Dane Ranch, 782-3949, has round

bales of orchard and timothy grass, $55.

• Gary Davenport, Henry/Routon area,

644-1614, has round 5x5 bales of mixed

grass hay.

• Mark Lundquist, 642-4323, has 60

large 6x5-1/2-foot rolls of mixed grass hay.

• Jerry Parham, near Ore Springs,

731-571-7166, has square bales of hybrid


• Revel Farms, 731-333-5542 and 731-

707-0774, has mixed grass hay, 5x5 rolls

net wrap, $40; will deliver.

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