Hi, my name is Makenzy Cox and I will be telling you about my experience at the Lamb Regionals show. 

I had raised two lambs during the spring to be qualified, through 4-H, to show and sell during our county fair. 

This show was located in Martin at the Expo Center. My lambs’ names were Bow and Arrow. 

The lamb show was a show where you can show your lambs, they are judged and you can earn awards. The awards were very nice, along with the people. 

When I walked into the main building, I was excited to see the arena setup and prizes and couldn’t wait till the afternoon when it began.

We got there early and I made my lambs comfortable in their stalls and fed them. 

After that, my family all went to town and ate at the coffee shop since we had time before the show started.

When we got back I found out which class I was in. They put you in classes by the weight of your lamb but in showmanship you can pick which lamb you want to show and I chose Arrow. 

I won four ribbons. The places on the ribbons were first, second, third, and fifth. 

My family and siblings came to watch me and so did a friend who also helped me a lot. 

My lambs behaved very well and were super calm so I was very proud of them. I placed in all of my divisions. 

There is a wall where you can get your picture made with your lambs and I thought that it was super cute. One of the prizes was a chair that said West Tennessee Junior Livestock Show. 

I took my first ever skillathon there and it was tough but you do learn a little from it. 

It can also prepare you for the skillathon at the fair. I think that show got me prepared and gave me a lot more confidence for the show at the fair. 

I think that I could not have won grand champion if I had not gone to that show and not competed with other people. 

In my opinion, the show is great and fun to come and watch even if you don’t have an animal to show. 

I recommend going to see for yourself and decide if you would like to do it, too.

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