The 4-H Outdoor Adventure Camp was held on July 29 at Land Between the Lakes. It was a day of fun and adventure in the outdoors. The day consisted of a lot of activities like hiking a dry creek bed, making trail mix, learning about different species of plant life, creek stomping, learning about the history of the universe in the observation center, and other great ways to spend your day. The day started off with a simple introduction of all the group leaders and fellow 4-H’ers ready to have fun. Once everyone got settled, we lined up to make some trail mix for snacking later in the day. When everyone was ready, we hiked down a small trail, which led to an empty creek bed. That was a lot of fun to hike through and see all of the signs of life that used to be there when it was full. But the day didn’t end there — because it was so hot that day, we took a break and went to the Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory. There, we watched a movie about the entire history of the universe, from the big bang to the present day. Now it was time for the highlight of the whole day, creek stomping. Anyone that wanted to could wade through the creek, cool off, and look for any creatures hiding under rocks and in the clear water. There were crawdaddies and minnows and other animals in the water. That day at the 4-H Outdoor Adventure Camp was very fun and I would recommend it to anyone that loves the outdoors or to learn about all the fun things to do at LBL. I am also looking forward to camping at LBL with fellow 4-H’ers in just a couple weeks — be on the lookout for info or contact Staci Foy.

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