The fourth meeting of Jane Fiscus’ fourth-grade 4-H club at Paris Elementary School was Jan. 24.

President Sadie Thompson called the meeting to order. Johannah Teague led the Pledge of Allegiance. Tyson Conger led the 4-H pledge. Marlee Shell read a poem. Addison Perry gave the thought of the day.

The contest for January was the speech contest. Channing Michael, Brooks Parker, Starla Ray, Sadie Thompson, Addison Perry and Carter Archie gave their speeches. Blue ribbons were won by Michael, Perry and Archie. Purple ribbons were won by Parker, Ray and Thompson.

The purple ribbon winners will go on to the county speech contest at Inman Middle School on Monday. 

The club members talked about next month’s contests, photography and piggy banks. The next meeting will be Feb. 21. 




Sanna Anderson’s 4-H club meeting for fourth-graders at Paris Elementary School was Jan. 24.

The contest was the speech contest. Every student who participated earned points for our club.

The winners were as follows: Maggie Clayton, Rylee Shell and Clay Weatherly, blue ribbons (second place); and Jonathan Hilliard and Mason Hopkins, purple ribbons (first place.)

For our next contest, we have to make a piggy bank and photograph on Feb. 21.

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