The 4-H club is a great activity that most kids get the opportunity to participate in. 4-H has many opportunities to work with livestock, but not everyone here lives on a farm and raises livestock. 

Our local 4-H county Extension office has teamed up with other local industries to literally “cure” that problem by providing the opportunity for young 4-H members to cure a country ham. 

The country ham project has let many young 4-H members learn about the swine industry and the history of the local businesses in our town. 

I have participated in the country ham project for three years. 

I have learned about the history of Clifty Farm and the products it sells. 

I have learned the process of curing a ham and have cured two hams each year. 

This project also helps me to reach out in my community and invite local business owners to participate in the country ham auction. 

To participate each year I give a speech about certain aspects of the country ham project. 

This has really helped me to be more comfortable speaking in front of people. This project really has brought kids into 4-H and our local fair that otherwise might not participate. 

It helps bring 4-H into the community and also supports our local fair. 

This opportunity has allowed me to save money toward the purchase of a steer to show next year at the fair.

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