TWRA officers

Paul Wade (second from left) visits with TWRA officers.

I am having so much fun in 4-H. I never knew there was so much I could do. My project is wildlife management. I was able to go to classes to learn more about wildlife and even go to a competition.

We got to go out into the woods and ponds to learn about wildlife. 

I also took meat judging classes and was able to enter that competition also. 

The Henry County team won second place. I have so much fun learning new things and going with my friends to competitions. 

The best thing I did in 4-H this year was go to the district Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency on Lake Graham in Jackson. That day was amazing. I got to tour the facility and spend the day with the TWRA agents as they worked.

I learned about the fishery department and how they help control the fish population. They also maintain many of Tennessee’s lakes and waterways. I asked them many questions and learned what it takes to become a TWRA agent. 

The best part of the day was going out with them on a boat. I helped them set out fish traps. The traps provide a food source for big fish and a safe place to hide for smaller fish. This is one way the fish population is controlled. 

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