The third meeting of Pam Young’s fourth-grade 4-H club at Lakewood Elementary School was held on Nov. 28. The meeting was called to order by President Gabby Bills. 

Vice President Eden Bruce called on Natalie Briley to lead the pledge of allegiance and Rose Pollack to lead the 4-H pledge. 

Kylee French gave the thought of the day, and the poem was read by Giana Watkins. 

A demonstration of a where to point a gun to kill a deer was given by Baylee Pierpoint. 

Fun leader Bailey Williams led two club members at a time in rounds of rock, paper, scissors, until one winner remained standing. 

Two matters of old business were brought before the club. The first was the announcement of the posters that went to state competition.

The second was announcement of ribbon winners for the recycled craft project. 

They were as follows: Purple ribbon winners: Gabby Bills and Karsyn Dempsey. Blue ribbon winners: Bills, Dempsey, Austin Smith, Briley and French. 

New business included announcement of January’s contest, which is the speech contest. The topic is “My Favorite ....” The next meeting will be Jan. 30.

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