The second meeting of Wendy Orr’s fourth-grade 4-H club was Oct. 3 at Harrelson School.

The meeting was called to order by President Annabelle Collins. Vice President Josie Townsend called up Mayleigh Rushing to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Kennedy Perez to lead the 4-H pledge. The thought of the day was given by Chloe Dunaway. 

A demonstration of Oobleck was given by Alexis Melter and Na’Miah Puckett. Extension agent Angela Wilson passed out newsletters and discussed them. 

Purple ribbon winners for the poster contest were Mallory Thrower, Hollis Bates and Lillian Merrell. Blue ribbon winners were Rushing, Liam Mellon, Ashleigh Lee, Mariah Craig-Boone, Annabelle Collins, Evan Harrison, Metler, Jimmy Gallimore, Karlie Crabtree and Townsend. 

Red ribbon winners were Cecily Judy, Caden Pierce, Khloe Sutton, Tyler Watson, Rachel Hudson, Hannah Hudgins, Laney Boyd, Brody Wofford and Summer Perry.

The next meeting will be Nov. 14.  The next contest is recycled crafts. 



The regular meeting of Henry County’s Happy Clovers homeschool 4-H club was Oct. 17.

The meeting was called to order by President Amanda Graef. Vice President Hansford Scott led the Pledge of Allegiance. David Hall gave the thought of the day.

October was the month of the poster contest. Purple ribbon winners in the poster contest were David Hall and Taylor Hall. Blue ribbon winners were Jenna Hall, Sadie Duke, Kadie Stephenson and Ty Stephenson.

Extension Agent Angela Wilson presented a demonstration on beef cattle as an example to the 4-H members. 

The next meeting will be at the UT Extension office on Nov. 7. The recycled craft projects will be discussed. 



The Oct. 22 meeting of the 4-H club in Britni O’Neal’s class at Lakewood School included Michael Drummond leading the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Braelynne Ohl led the 4-H pledge. Alexander Cavalera gave the thought of the day. Lane Snow read the poem. Ella Flint and Ethen Krietz gave a demonstration of how to carve a pumpkin. The Fun Leaders game was heads up 4 up. The 4-H leader taught us everything we need to know all about 4-H. McKennon Miles won a purple ribbon for the poster contest. 

Our next 4-H meeting will be on Dec. 3. The next contest is Trash to Treasure.  



The second class meeting for Kathy Heath’s 4-H club at Lakewood School was on Oct. 23.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Brooklyn Pugh and the 4-H pledge was led by Valeria Cervantes. 

Talan Paschall gave the thought of the day and Drew Purdon had us play a game called Ape, Human and Feather which was quite fun and was similar to rock, paper, scissors except using your whole body. 

Poster awards were given out and Anna Claire, Paschall and Purdon each received purple awards. Our vice president was absent so Rylee Jensen did an excellent job substituting for her.

Our next meeting is Dec. 4 and we will have a recycled crafts contest. 



Pamela Young’s fourth-grade 4-H club had its first meeting Sept. 18 at Lakewood School.

Officers were elected during this meeting. They are Marshall Todd, president; Bryan Stevens, vice president; Madilyn Townsend, secretary; Londyn Raines, community service chairman; and Cooper Carver and Presley Evans, bulletin board.

The poster contest will be coming up at the next meeting. 

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