Leslie Lewis led a discussion on moss and creating a moss terrarium at the Nov. 27 meeting of the Henry County Master Gardener’s Club.

She said moss needs only four things to grow and flourish: moisture, shade, acid soil (pH of 5.5) and compact soil. Moss does not have roots, so it takes in water and nutrients from its spores.

She brought several varieties of moss for everyone to see, with such wonderful detail in different types of moss.

Dan Dziekonski provided some information on the topic of wintertime activities for the garden — catalog websites, design websites, etc.

Earlier, vice president Lewis called the meeting to order at the Henry County Extension Office.

Ranson Goodman gave an update on submitting 2018 hours. Members are now to submit hours into the computer program that we have been using.

The transition to a newer program will not happen until next year sometime. Goodman said he will let members know when to start using the new program.

If any member needs help submitting hours, Goodman said he is available to help or to do it for them.

He said the latest Master Gardener class was wonderful, a great group of class members as well as speakers. The club welcomes all members of this recent class and invites them to join the Master Gardener Club.

Lewis also led a discussion about the upcoming Christmas party, which took place Dec. 13, in lieu of the regular December meeting.

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