You probably already know about the numerous benefits that exercise produces for both the mind and body. Still, while some people want to get involved in a physical regimen, finding the motivation to continue can prove challenging. 

It’s crucial to keep yourself active, especially as you age, even if it’s difficult to find the energy to fit in a workout. 

One way to remain engaged is to track your progress and share it with your peers. Use smart device apps to log your meals, exercise routines and weight loss successes. As you navigate the path to better physical fitness, set goals and celebrate milestones by treating yourself to trips or coveted items. 

Follow these tips from the National Institute on Aging to get motivated and keep moving. 


Make Exercise Fun

Sticking to a dedicated routine with the same exercises will get tiresome after a few attempts. 

Make it your commitment to keeping your workouts fresh while sprinkling in some fun during the action. 

For instance, switch up the types of movements you do and on what days. 

Don’t forget to incorporate the four essential categories for seniors — endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. 

You can also try to get your family involved in your commitment to better fitness. Invite your children, friends and grandchildren for walks, swimming lessons, jumping rope or playing catch. 

Applying your loved ones creates a wholesome way to enjoy spending time together while benefitting your health. 

Incorporate Exercise into 

Your Daily Routine

You don’t need a gym or dedicated time set aside to make room for exercise in your schedule. 

Instead, think of your daily routine. Are there instances where you can include physical fitness into your plans? 

If you walk your dog, consider picking up the pace by speed walking, jogging or simply extending the amount of time you enjoy the activity. 

When visiting the grocery store, park far away from the entrance for extra cardio and a little strength training when you push the loaded cart back to your car. 


Invest in Yourself

Treat yourself to new workout clothes, exercise gadgets or equipment once you reach a fitness milestone. 

You will look forward to trying out your new belongings the next time you work out.

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