John Stevens of Huntingdon is seeking another term as senator in the state’s 24th Senatorial District.

Stevens, who won his first term as senator in 2012, talked about the fiscal accomplishments that have happened since his first election.

“While serving as your state senator, the state savings account has grown to its all-time high and taxes are at an all-time low. We have almost no debt as a state. We are ranked as the number one state for business and are number one for fiscal stability. We were number one for small business job growth in 2019 and number two in advanced industry job growth.”

The Carroll County attorney also talked about his commitment to conservative causes. 

“A few weeks ago, I co-sponsored the most pro-life bill in America. I’m a lifelong NRA member, and as your senator, I have passed more major pro-Second Amendment bills than any other member, earning the NRA’s endorsement and an A+ rating. I’ve passed legislation protecting private property rights and pushed for reducing the size and scope of state government, especially when it comes to reducing the red tape that prevents you from working and starting or growing your business. I’ve voted to improve the safety and condition of our roads and bridges.”

He said education was vitally important.

“When it comes to the state’s future, our children and grandchildren, total education funding has increased by nearly $1.5 billion for a total of $5.3 billion annually in K-12 funding. Tennessee has been ranked as the fastest-improving state in math, reading, and science according to the gold-standard NAEP test. ACT scores are at an all-time high.

“Through the Tennessee Promise and Reconnect programs, all Tennesseans have access to tuition-free higher education. As we raised accountability and standards, teacher pay was increased to reward teachers for their hard work,” he said.

Stevens talked about his efforts to sue the federal government to stop “the flood of refugees” from resettling in the state, and his vote against increasing taxpayer subsidies for illegal immigrants.

In the future, he hopes to see criminal justice reform in the state. 

“Despite record levels of people in jail and prison, Tennessee’s violent crime rates are among the highest in the country. We can have safer communities while reducing incarceration rates. Victims of crime need stronger constitutional rights.”

He also supports a more robust approach to getting broadband access for everyone — especially in the most rural households. “The state previously funded over $35 million in grants, but that needs to be significantly increased,” he said.

“There is a radical leftist social agenda trying to influence us and our children. We must stand against it and return some common sense to our government institutions. We must protect religious liberty and freedom of speech, thought, and conscience. The radical left wants to take your rights, but I will continue to fight not only to stop their overreach, but expand your God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

“Finally, I support President Trump’s agenda to return America to being respected internationally, as the economic leader in manufacturing, and keeping peace through military and cybersecurity strength.” 

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