Family and friends of the late Charlie and Myrtle Green gathered for a reunion and potluck meal on July 18 at the Enoch building at the Henry County Fairgrounds.

Traveling from parts of Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama and Iowa were:

Gordon and Zachary Hans, Mike Allbritten, Angela Green, Brad Fields, Wanda Sykes, Timmy Sykes, Gary and Martha Grooms, Dennis and Daisy Fields, Sandra Wynn, Ricky Paschall and Alisha Rogers, Cindy and Kenny Holland, Jessica Davis, Dalton Paschall, Tom and Tammy Sykes, Marlene Lambert,

Carter and Dana Green, Maci, Ashley, Wesley and Kenlee Smith, John and Debbie Morrison, Jeff and Tammy Harris, Ruth Greene, Waymon and Julie Millis, Jon Greene, Steve, Teresa and Matt Paschall, Jim and Donna Harris Harper, Harper Cribb, Annalise Davis, Lane, Lisa and Drake “Bubba” Green, Jerry and Penny Brown, Billy Fields and Tiffany Evans, Michelle, Marisa and Mattie Allbritten,

Crystal and Jasmine Yearry, David Bugden, Beverly Underwood, Cody, Zena, Aiden and Dustin Sanders, Allie List, Tiffany Ray, Courtney Paschall, Noah Heath, Charlie Heath, Jerline, Jan and Jon Coleman, Scotty McCoy and Shonna Statler, Jimmy and Linda Green.

Of the original 11 siblings, two are still living: Jerline Green Coleman and Betty Green Harris, with Jerline Coleman able to attend.

The group collected $188 to donate to the Point Pleasant Cemetery Association. Next year’s reunion will be on the third Sunday in July.

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