Many years ago, there was an industry called Bowling Green Rubber Co. located on North Market Street across from the present Family Fun Center bowling alley.

The late Harold Plumley bought the company and its growth in the next few years proved he had made a good choice.

Then, on Oct. 4, 1988, the Japanese firm Marugo joined with the Mitsubishi Corp. and the Plumley Companies to form PML (Plumley-Marugo Ltd.)

After just two years, a grand opening ceremony for a new PML facility was held on June 4, 1980. 

The company is now entirely owned by Marugo Rubber Industries of Kurashiki, Japan.

After the Plumley Companies were sold to Dana Corp. in 1995, the company got its first quality award from Subaru-Isuzu. Many more were to come from several companies in the next 30 years.

PML’s facilities were expanded in 1997 with a distribution center completed in 2000, which was then sold to Allegro in 2012.

The year 2013 was quite notable: the company’s 25th anniversary was also its most profitable year in business, something that would happen again in 2014 and 2015.

There are now almost 200 employees working at the 30-year-old company. 

With an average length of service of eight years, 31 percent have 10 years or more of service, 37 percent have between five and 10 years and 23 percent have between one and five years. The average age of all employees is 40.

The company’s 144,000-square-foot building sits on 11.5 acres on County Home Road adjacent to the Highway 218 Bypass.

Manufacturing both extruded and molded rubber components ​for automotive and off-road vehicle use, major customers include Subaru Automotive, Honda Automotive, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Mitsubishi Turbocharger Engine America, Hino Motors, JTEKT Steering Systems, Honda Power sports, Kawasaki and Yamaha.

Among the many items made at PML in Paris are turbo hoses, breather hoses, in-tank fuel hoses, vacuum hoses, steering grommets, spring seats, air intake hoses, muffler hangers, stabilizer bushings and offshore parts.

The company believes in its mission statement: “Think Flexible & Be Creative,” stating “it is our goal to meet our customers’ and communities expectation as a value creating company.”

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