The immune system uses antibodies, cells and other things to help your body fight off harmful germs and infections that enter your body. 

Wearing protective equipment can protect yourself from some harmful germs and viruses but they might still find their way to you. 

Infections and germs spread from person to person via droplets sneezed or coughed in the air, or by mucus that gets onto your hands and surfaces. Germs and infections getting into your body may be inevitable, but there are precautions you can take to boost your immune system. 


Live a Healthy Lifestyle 

Many products claim they can boost your immunity but that makes little sense scientifically. Your immune system is made up of many cells that respond to a variety of different germs and microbes in your body. The body is constantly creating immune cells and producing too many may be harmful for the good bacteria and cells in your body. The immune system requires balance and harmony to function properly. Living a healthy lifestyle can help to keep your immune system strong and healthy. 


Healthy Choices 

As we said before there are no remedies or over the counter products that can provenly increase your immune system. Your immune system requires balance and healthy lifestyle choices to function properly. If you wish to boost or maintain your immune health then you should choose healthier lifestyle choices such as not smoking, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, wash hands frequently and exercising regularly. 


Facts of Immune Health 

Ginseng and echinacea may actually be one of the few remedies that may help to improve immune health. People try other products such as probiotics to boost immune health and supplementing the friendly bacteria in your body may be helpful, but scientists are still learning what may truly be effective in increasing your immune health. 

Sometimes taking too much vitamins C, probiotics or immune products can be harmful to your body. Scientists have seen that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will get you the right amount of vitamins you need in your body.

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