Mary Kathryn Moore is the Quotarian of the Year for 2020 for the Paris Quota club.

Mary Kathryn Moore was crowned 2020 Quotarian of the Year at the Paris Quota club’s meeting Nov. 11 at the Lunchroom at Paris Academy for the Arts.

Moore was presented with a crown, Quotarian of the Year pendant and a dozen red roses. 

Members of the selection committee were Linda Foulks, Brenda Hosford and Gina Olds.

Jackie Jones was congratulated for being re-elected as a member of the Paris Commission.

The club announced 2020-21 Quota yearbooks are available for $5.

Members are still selling pecans. They’re $12 a bag for pieces and halves, and $10 a bag for specialty pecans.

There will not be another meeting or Christmas party in 2020, because of the increase in COVID-19 numbers. 

Members will be kept informed by e-mail or social media about meetings in January.

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