The long, dark days of winter are the perfect time to break out the warm glow of candles. Keep reading for what scents to burn this year and how to keep yourself safe while staying cozy. O, CHRISTMAS TREE Christmas-tree scented candles are always popular this time of year. Magnify your real tree with festive scents from Yankee Candle (look for Balsam & Cedar), Williams Sonoma’s Winter Forest, Threshold’s Frasier Fur and Bath & Body Works’ Fresh Balsam. HARD CANDY CHRISTMAS Make your home smell sweet without any of the work with these delicious smelling candles. If you love the warm scent of roasting nuts, go for Bee & Willow Home’s Pistachio and Praline candle. Also look for Yankee Candle’s Floral Candy and Christmas Eve. JUST DESSERTS If candy isn’t your thing, there’s a ton of toasty scents that’ll have your house smelling like your favorite bakery in no time. Look for White Barn’s Paris Café, with rich roasted coffee scents mixed with sugared brioche and vanilla. Also consider WoodWick candles’ Oatmeal Cookie, Pumpkin Butter, and the Café Sweets Trilogy candle with vanilla, caramel and biscotti scents. WoodWick candles feature a special wick that pops and crackles as it burns, making for a cozy, homey feel. WAX WARMERS If you’re not a fan of open flame, you can buy wax warmers in your local home store and wax chunks in your favorite scents from most major candlemakers. Just be aware that you’re trading the danger of an open flame for the danger of hot, melted wax. Both things should be kept on stable surfaces and out of the reach of children and pets. CANDLE SAFETY On average, 22 home candle fires are reported each day, the National Fire Protection Association says. The two peak days for candle fires are Christmas and Christmas Eve. The group offers these tips for candle safety. • Keep candles at least 12 inches from anything flammable. • Blow out all the candles when you leave the room or go to bed. Avoid using candles in the bedroom and in other places were people may fall asleep. • Use sturdy candle holders that won’t tip over easily. • Put candle holders on a sturdy, uncluttered surface. • Don’t burn a candle all the way down. Put it out before it gets too close to the holder or the container. • Never use a candle if there’s oxygen in the home. • Don’t use candles during a power outage.

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