The road to becoming a more green household does not have to start with large remodels, installations or purchases. If you are looking to become more eco-friendly on a budget, here are the ways to start small. 


Swap Regular Bulbs for LEDs

Swap your regular light bulbs for LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs will last longer than regular incandescent light bulbs. LED lights have a wide range of color and brightness. You can find a variety of options at your local hardware store. There are even smart LED bulbs that can be turned off and on using a smartphone app. LED light bulbs will not only make your home more efficient but will also make your life easier. According to, LED bulbs typically use about 25% to 80% less energy than traditional incandescents and last three to 25 times longer than your regular bulbs.


More Fabric, Less Paper 

Using less paper may seem like an easy task with all the technology we have today, but there are ways to save some trees and be more green in your home. Use washable rags in your kitchen to clean up spills and messes. Instead of buying a pack of a dozen paper towel rolls, head to the store and buy a pack of washable cloths that can be used for multiple occasions in your home. Use microfiber cloths to clean dust off of dressers, TV stands and even your car interior. Use reusable cloths to clean up spills on your dining table and around your kitchen sink. 

If reusable cloths are out of stock in your local stores, or you want to go the extra mile to recycle, you can even use old T-shirts. This also helps clear up space in your closet drawers while helping your household become more green. 


Use Less Plastic

Using plastic is a life habit that can be a little more difficult to break. We use plastics to carry our groceries out of the store and into our homes. We also use plastics for trash. Most grocery stores offer canvas bags that are actually more useful than the plastic shopping bags you get for free. Canvas bags are sturdier and you can place more items in each canvas bag. 

They’re also much more comfortable to hold than regular plastic bags. Canvas bags are not only useful for groceries but for other tasks that require carrying a few items at a time. Even if you still use some plastic bags, saving them for use in smaller bedroom and bathroom trash cans will allow you to still live an eco-friendly life. 

Reduce Waste 

Another way you and your family can adjust your habits to lead a more eco-friendly life is to reduce your waste. 

Use less water when washing hands, showering and other tasks that require water. 

Buy refillable water bottles instead of buying packs of plastic water bottles. 

Purchase a water purifier you can fill if your water isn’t the tastiest.

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