Meagan Hart

Meagan Hart, communications specialist with the Paris Board of Public Utilities, speaks during the July 25 meeting of the Paris Quota club. 

Barry Flood of the Paris Board of Public Utilities was the guest speaker at the July 25 meeting of the Paris Quota club at the Lunchroom at Lee Academy for the Arts. Flood provided some interesting pointers on how to save money on energy bills. He reminded everyone to turn off the lights when leaving a room and to not leave a ceiling fan running in a room that’s empty. He also mentioned having good attic insulation and caulking around windows will help bring the bills down. Heat and air conditioning make up 50%-60% of an electric bill, and good insulation around windows and doors will help cut it back.

Meagan Hart, communications specialist for the BPU, appeared with Flood. She said she helps out in setting up special events such as booths at community events. She told the group about the BPU app for smartphones.

Guests at the meeting were Emily and Michelle Conroy, Nina Garland and Callie Green.

President Kayla Nation reported the annual birthday party for Henry County Healthcare Center residents was July 23. They played games and enjoyed cake and ice cream. Nation reminded everyone the club is scheduled to provide food for Noon on the Square Sept. 13 and Sept. 27. Jill Snow announced a membership drive is tentatively set for Sept. 18 at the Lee Academy for the Arts. 

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