Hearing aid specialist speaks to Quota club

Megan Alford, hearing aid specialist with the Audiology & Hearing Clinic in Paris, presented an informative program on hearing loss at the Paris Quota club’s meeting Feb. 26 in the Lunchroom at Lee Academy for the Arts.

The average age that people begin experiencing hearing loss is now 40, down from 65 a few years ago. Loud music is believed to be one of the primary culprits of this fact and is likely to lead to a further lowering of that age. Alford mentioned that everyone should get a free hearing test every year, beginning at age 65, to get a baseline reading.

Hearing aids made today can be Bluetooth compatible, making them usable by cellphone and television. Unfortunately, hearing aids are not covered by Medicare, as they are considered to be cosmetic. Hearing loss can lead to depression, isolation and a feeling of self-consciousness.

Several factors that can lead to hearing loss include the use of acetaminophen/ibuprofen or breast cancer drugs. Other contributing factors could be diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer drugs, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia and osteoporosis. 

Studies are ongoing to determine whether pregnancy and/or menopause may lead to hearing loss. Hearing aids will not help with hearing loss that is caused by nerve damage. Oftentimes, only 60% of hearing can be retained and lip reading can help that person. 

Tote bags with handy items were handed out to those in attendance. 

Also during the meeting, the question of whether or not to dissolve Quota International Inc. was discussed. 

The vote to accept the dissolution or not will be at the March 11 meeting. Members who are not in attendance at that meeting will be contacted by phone. Each club has one vote.

Jane Sinnema thanked those who worked the Helping Hand panel every Thursday during the auction.

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