Small town country living is a big attraction for people who live in Henry, which offers a quiet alternative for folks looking for that type of lifestyle.

With its own grade K-8 school, its own police and public works departments and a growing volunteer fire department, Henry is a good spot with plenty of public services, Mayor Michael Gross said.

“People are friendly here and it’s close to everything,” Gross said. “It’s small town living without the hustle and bustle of Paris and McKenzie, and without the crime.”

With a Dollar General store available on Highway 79, the city has reaped the benefits of the sales taxes generated by the store, and the public has benefited from the convenience of the store.

Gross is continuing efforts to bring another convenience to the town. He’s had feelers out for awhile to try and entice a gas station to the city.

“We’re pursuing that. If we have to buy the land and offer a great deal to someone to come here with that, we’d like to do that,” he said.

Recently-hired Police Chief Michael Morris looks like he’ll be a good fit in the community, Gross said.

“He’s kind of an old school guy. He seems to want to get to know the people, and he’ll get to where he knows what cars should be in what driveway,” Gross said.

The city is looking for a possible industrial grant to improve streets like Mark I Drive. While the lumber yards in the city have been on a downturn recently, Gross said at least one sawmill is expected to start back up soon. A building that housed a hardwood flooring store was recently bought by Tosh Farms, which is likely to use it as office space and put 15-20 employees there.

InSource Materials, located at the former Mark I site, has 27 employees and is seeking more.

“Those jobs are important for the stability of the city,” Gross said.

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