Saturday’s Helping Hand radio auction raised $15,003, bringing the yearly total through that day to $35,372. Monday’s total was $4,132, bringing the yearly total to $39,504.

Saturday’s items were donated by the Pleasant Hill community. Monday’s items were provided by Henry County employees, Trinity United Methodist Church, Master Gardeners, Rhea Public Library and the Paris-Henry County Arts Council.

Today’s items will be provided by the Cottage Grove community, the Center community and Interrail Signal.



Wednesday’s items will be donated by the Jones Mill/Hico community, Morningside of Paris, Kroger and the Henry County Prevention Coalition.

For more information, call Bobby/Brenda Owens (782-3554) or Regina Veazey (247-5581) for Jones Mill/Hico, Barbara Baggett (644-9680) for Morningside of Paris, Teresa Shepherd (644-1075) for Kroger or Tony Lawrence (343-0536) or Sara Thomas (336-2250) for the Prevention Coalition.



Thursday’s items will be donated by the Oakland community, Junior Livestock Association, the Lee School Association, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and H&R Block.

For more information, call Randi French (642-6633), Kim McClain (363-7061), Debbie Wynn (336-0660) or Genny Partridge (336-1939) for Oakland, Brenda Ables (782-3244) for Junior Livestock, Ray Harding (642-7463) for the Lee School Association, Judy Denton (901-487-5641) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Deb Nelson (815-571-0205) for H&R Block.


TODAY’S AUCTION is scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. on WRQR-AM (1000 AM) and WRQR-FM (97.5 FM). To bid, call 644-1695.

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