Paris Special School District Supt. Norma Gerrell has set up a virtual packet of useful learning and teaching tools for at-home, family-led education during the COVID-19 crisis.

The site, found through, offers a sample homeschooling schedule as well as many ways to keep your child learning at home.

It contains links to Rhea Elementary School, Paris Elementary School and Inman Middle School teacher pages, which are equipped with non-mandatory learning opportunities to keep students’ minds fresh.

Also included is the ClassLink program, which can be used to allow students to access programs they use at school from home. It includes instructions for installing the ClassLink app on a phone or computer, and notes that parents with questions should email their child’s teacher.

The site also has links to several other online learning opportunities.

These include the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network’s collection of resources, the Scholastic Learn at Home Site and several more. Gerrell’s site even includes a sample homeschooling schedule, to help acclimate parents and students to a good routine.

The site also contains photos from the school lunch bus routes, as well as the virtual spirit week PSSD had recently, where students took fun photos at home to share.

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