Scores from Henry County restaurant inspections conducted by the Henry County Health Department for the week of Jan. 6-12 (maximum score: 100; scores available online at inspections.myhealthdepartment. com/tennessee):

• Taco Bell, 1120 Mineral Wells Ave., Paris — Jan. 10. Score: 98.

• Paris Elementary School cafeteria, 650 Volunteer Drive, Paris — Jan. 10. Score: 100.

• Lakeway Nutrition, 2535 E. Wood St., Paris — Jan. 10. Score: 100.

• Rhea Elementary School cafeteria, 115 S. Wilson St., Paris — Jan. 11. Score: 100.

• Prater’s Taters, 1055 Mineral Wells Ave., Suite 16, Paris — Jan. 11. Score: 99.

• Woody’s Pizza, 849 Volunteer Drive, Paris — Jan. 12. Score: 68. Critical violations: Person in charge not present, demonstrating knowledge and performing duties (no active managerial control); hands not clean and properly washed (employee came from outside to inside and got dough and started making pizza without washing his hands, discussed with him); food not in good condition, safe and unadulterated (excessive dented cans in stock); food-contact surfaces not cleaned and sanitized (can opener blade not clean, slicer caked in old food, employee stated he has only cut onions today but this is a red material); improper date marking and disposition (noodles dated Dec. 31, Jan. 3, Jan. 4 and Jan. 5 in reach in cooler; pan of turkey not dated and no one knows when it was opened; Philly meat dated Jan. 2 in reach-in cooler; ready-to-eat meatballs in reach dated Jan. 3; roast beef in reach- in cooler dated Jan. 1; ham in reach-in cooler dated Jan. 1; no one knows any different for the dates, all discarded).

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