While grounds workers were doing some initial work for a sidewalk project on Wilson Street, it was discovered that part of the area being worked on is not owned by the City of Paris, but actually owned by the Paris Special School District.  

The PSSD board briefly discussed the situation during its monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon at Paris Elementary School, resulting in the board voting to approve transferring ownership of the street to the City of Paris.

The land is a 60-foot strip of road extending from Lone Oak Road to Patriot Avenue, which is the primary vicinity of this sidewalk project that will connect Rhea Elementary School, Henry County High School and the Tennessee College of Applied Technology and allow easier access to walk to those areas.

“The City of Paris has requested us to allow them to have ownership of that street. I suggest we give that strip to the city for them to be able to maintain their work for the project,” said Norma Gerrell, PSSD director of schools.

That project is expected to be completed by spring 2022.

During the meeting, Joey Brush, supervisor of instruction, provided learning gap updates on test results for benchmark assessment testing for county students in grades 2-8.

“In English/language arts scores for a benchmark assessment given right before Christmas break, compared to the year before, three grades have improved, two are within one percent of where they were last year and one grade fell off more than we would have liked,” said Brush.

Brush also said that all but two grades showed an increase in proficiency from testing done earlier in the school year.

“We are confident in the curriculum we are using and the teachers are more comfortable teaching the material now. There’s a gap to fill but our staff is doing everything we can to get those numbers up,” said Brush.

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