Hampton Inn site plan

This site plan for a new Hampton Inn hotel on Mineral Wells Avenue will be discussed at Thursday’s meeting of the Paris Municipal Regional Planning Commission. The address listed on the schematic — 310 Hwy. 77 — has since been amended to 1540 Mineral Wells Ave., since that stretch of the road was renamed in 2015 as an extension of Mineral Wells.

The Paris Municipal Regional Planning Commission will review the site plan for a new hotel at its Thursday meeting at Paris city hall.

A site plan has been submitted by VRL Hotels for a Hampton Inn to be located at 1540 Mineral Wells Ave.

The proposed 12,911 square-foot, four-story hotel will include 72 rooms.

According to documentation provided by the City of Paris, the development meets all parking requirements.

Because of the amount of boat trailer traffic with the community’s proximity to Kentucky Lake, there are additional spaces that are geared toward vehicles with boat trailers.

The lot has two driveways. City ordinances specify more than the two proposed driveways for a lot with this amount of road frontage.

However, the city has deferred to the Tennessee Department of Transportation for driveway permits in the past, and would do so again if TDOT was satisfied.

Paris Police Chief Chuck Elizondo is also reviewing the site plan in regard to this point.

City officials intend to recommend approval of the site plan, contingent on approval of the grading/drainage/water quality plans and TDOT approval.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

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