Preparing the paper

Editor and Publisher Michael Williams (left) and News Editor Glenn Tanner plan for the next day’s paper Thursday morning at The Post-Intelligencer office at 208 E. Wood St. Working in the background is Sports Editor Tommy Priddy.

The saying “you can’t believe everything you read on social media” has seldom been more true.

Several of the comments posted on The Post-Intelligencer’s social media accounts have complained about the fact that the paper is now owned, written and published in Murray.

It’s true, the paper is now printed by the Murray Ledger & Times, and has been since our head pressman, the late Danny Allen, retired in September 2016.

We also use the Murray paper to print the labels on The P-I copies to be mailed, and put in the advertising inserts.

But that’s about the only thing that’s different about how the The P-I operates.

The paper is still owned by the Williams family, who are proud Paris residents.

Michael Williams, the current editor and publisher, has been at the job since taking over from his father, the late Bill Williams, in 1999.

While the paper is physically printed in Murray, all of its news reporters, editors, layout and design professionals, business staff and advertising representatives still work out of the same building at 208 E. Wood St. that has been The P-I’s home since 1949 — just as they always have.

“With no press to operate, we’d be glad to move to a smaller building, but until we get a good offer, we’re not planning on going anywhere,” Williams said.

“When we started having the paper printed in Murray, one of the biggest benefits for our readers was the ability to go to same-day delivery to every address in Henry County, whether you get the paper delivered by carrier or by mail.”

“Anyone who lives in an area not served by one of our carriers should call 642-1162 or log onto to subscribe by mail and get same-day delivery. We’ve even added autodraft capabilities to make your bill effortless,” he said.

“We’re still covering news in Paris and Henry County, and still serving the needs of local businesses through advertising,” Williams said.

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