EDITOR'S NOTE: The following press release was posted without editing.

(Paris, TN)  Paris and Henry County Officials are asking the public to take seriously the threat of COVID-19 and continue to follow Governor Bill Lee’s advice.  Yesterday Governor Lee issued another Executive Order (EO) #23 which amended  EO#22 slightly.  The new order adds the language, “all persons in Tennessee are required to stay home, except for when engaging in Essential Activity or Essential Services as defined in this Order.”

At his 3pm Press Conference yesterday, Governor Lee told Tennesseans, “April stands to be a very tough month for Tennessee. COVID-19 is an imminent threat and we need you to understand that staying home isn’t an option- it is a requirement for the swift defeat of this pandemic.”  Governor Lee also went as far to ask Tennesseans to contact local law enforcement and report persons out in the public for no essential reason.

This morning, Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew and Paris Police Chief Chuck Elizondo met with other city county and health officials to discuss the latest order.  Jointly, Sheriff Belew and Chief Elizondo, stated, “We want to send a message to our community that our officers will enforce the Governors Order as needed.  We want our citizens to use good judgment and common sense when leaving your home to do your best to limit your exposure when out in the public.  Let's all work together now so we can resume our normal activities as soon as possible.”  Failing to follow the Governor’s Executive Order is a Class A misdemeanor.

City of Paris and Henry County law enforcement officers are preparing to step up visibility in high traffic areas in the city and county.  Persons can expect to see more law enforcement presence at essential businesses to monitor for large crowds entering and loitering in parking lots.  Local merchants can assist in slowing down COVID-19 by limiting the number of customers in the stores, ensure shoppers are following Center for Disease Control guidelines and continually disinfecting items the public may come in contact with. The time to act is now to follow social distancing guidelines.

Henry County positive COVID-19 cases now stand at 4 and the statewide total is 2,845.  Henry County Medical Center is providing the latest information on COVID-19.  This can be accessed at www.hcmc-tn.org.

City of Paris Mayor Carlton Gerrell and Henry County Mayor Brent Greer want the public to remain vigilant and continue to do the right thing to reduce your exposure and reduce spread.  Be a Henry County Patriot and #Do Your Part-Stay Apart!

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