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Pictured on left is a white glider chair that Chris and Becky Hutson salvaged and sold through their antique booth, The She Shed. Pictured at right is the glider after set dresser Donna Stamps purchased and painted the glider for its television debut on “Bluff City Law.” Stamps later visited Paris to purchase additional pieces.

When locals Chris and Becky Hutson began work in architectural salvage and antiques, they never expected that one of their pieces would make it to prime-time television.

“My husband and I have loved antiques for a long time,” Becky Hutson said. “We go to antique stores all the time.”

The Hutsons own The She Shed, an antique booth located in Fletcher’s Antiques & Architectural Salvage, located at 3850 Hwy. 79 northeast of Paris.

Becky Hutson is a cosmetologist at Harrison & Co. by day, and her husband Chris works for the City of Paris. Searching for antique pieces to paint or salvage was their hobby for years before the booth opened.

“We share a love of old homes and the craftsmanship of everything in them,” she said of why they began the hunt. “The durability of stuff like that … nothing today compares.”

The She Shed has been open since December of 2017, and the Hutsons specialize in custom-painted furniture and repurposing old pieces to sell at their booth.

“Very seldom do we sell anything as-is,” Becky Hutson said of their merchandise. “We paint almost all of it.”

When the pair went to the Southern Junkers Vintage Market in Memphis, they got a booth set up and hoped to sell a few pieces while they were there.

What happened next was a bit more than they expected.

Donna Stamps, a set decorator known for work in the movies “Take Me Home Tonight” and “Critters 2” and the television series “Everybody Loves Raymond,” stopped at the booth and bought a few odds and ends for work projects.

While Stamps was visiting with the Hutsons, they told her about their permanent setup here in Paris.

It wasn’t long before Stamps visited Fletcher’s Antiques, where she bought a few more odds and ends from various booths in the antique mall, as well as a white glider chair that the Hutsons had on display.

Becky Hutson delivered the glider to a Memphis warehouse and made sure Stamps knew where to buy anything else she needed.

Stamps had the glider painted a bright purple for its television debut, and it appeared on the NBC legal drama, “Bluff City Law,” starring Jimmy Smits and Caitlin McGee.

Becky Hutson said Stamps was always out looking for props and set dressing, and Hutson made a second trip to the Memphis warehouse to deliver more furniture later.

She said while she and her husband had loved antiques and architectural salvage for years, opening the booth at Fletcher’s wasn’t something they planned far in advance.

“When we got a booth there, it was kind of a last minute decision,” she said with a smile.

While the booth at Fletcher’s began as a whim, the Hutsons have found success in The She Shed.

At the beginning of January, the pair opened a second booth at the McKenzie Antique Mall, and the Hutsons don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

As Becky Hutson herself said, they “love the hunt.”

The She Shed can be found on Facebook, or on Instagram at @thesheshedantiques.

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