A Paris woman was arrested for aggravated assault Saturday afternoon after allegedly putting a knife to another woman’s throat and threatening to kill her.

Carol L. Curtis, 32, of 8621 Highway 77 south of Paris, was arrested at her home by Henry County Sheriff’s Cpl. David Andrews. Andrews’ report indicated the alleged victim in the case said Curtis spit tobacco at her and hit her on the head.

She said her watch was broken during the struggle.

Curtis was arrested on charges of domestic assault, aggravated assault and vandalism. She is scheduled to appear Tuesday in Henry County General Sessions Court. Bail information was not available.

In other incidents:

• The Sheriff’s Department is investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred sometime during the day Thursday on Highway 79 southwest of Paris.

According to a report by Sheriff’s Sgt. Jim Sanders, a couple living in a Highway 79 home said they both left for work in the morning on Thursday and returned at about 3:30 p.m.

As they were settling in at home, one of the residents noticed that his pistol was not on top of his dresser and the back door was unlocked, although they said they locked it before they left for work.

The residents said they soon realized their game systems were missing as well.

Sanders said a hammer was located outside, next to the dog pen, and pry marks were found on the back door of the home. A large screwdriver was sitting next to where the game consoles were previously hooked up.

The residents of the home said the tools were not theirs.

Items stolen include a 9-millimeter pistol valued at $500; a collection of Xbox One games, $400; an Xbox One console, $350; a Nintendo Switch console, $329; a white “Patriot” Xbox One controller labeled “Rhino,” $75; and a standard Xbox One controller, $40.

• A pickup truck was reported stolen early Thursday morning from an address on Highway 79 southwest of Paris.

According to a report by Sheriff’s Deputy Frankie Scott, the owner said he bought a 1997 Chevy S10 more than a year ago.

The owner said someone towed it to a lot until it could be fixed, and it has been there for about a year. The last time he noticed it on the lot was in late August.

Scott’s report, filed at 5:30 a.m., said he didn’t register the vehicle to his name because the transmission was damaged and he was waiting to get it fixed.

The vehicle is valued at $2,500.

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