A truck was reported stolen Sunday on Jones Bend Road in Paris.

Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy Gary Carroll’s report indicated the truck’s owner said he left his truck Tuesday at an address on Jones Bend Road so he could take his wife to have surgery.

When he came back to the residence on Sunday, he noticed the truck was missing.

He told Carroll he didn’t know of anyone that might have it and nobody was to borrow it.

The owner said his neighbor saw the truck Thursday evening in the driveway where he’d left it, and his wife’s family saw the truck Friday in the same spot.

The truck is a 2001 blue Chevy truck with four tool boxes in the bed.

One tool box stretches across the width of the bed, and a large tool box and two small tool boxes were left sitting in the bed.

The owner said all the tool boxes were full of tools, as well as the cab of the truck so they wouldn’t get wet.

He said the truck, which is registered to his wife, is valued at $5,000 and the total value of all tools and tool boxes comes to $8,000.

Carroll said the description of the truck is similar to one of a truck found Sunday on Grooms Road, which was found at a total loss because of fire.

The burned truck was found Sunday morning, and had not been there on Friday, according to the owner of the property where it was found. No identifiers such as tag or VIN numbers were found on the truck.

Both cases, still considered separate at this time, were turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division.

In an unrelated incident, a warrant for burglary was issued Friday for a Hornbeak woman after a break-in was reported at Henry County Medical Center.

Dana Freeze, 44, is wanted for burglary.

According to a report by Sheriff’s Sgt. Brian Davis, a person at the hospital told him she had reason to believe an ex-employee entered the biohazard room on the second floor.

Davis spoke to another employee, who said she saw a woman acting suspiciously who had stopped outside the biohazard room.

She told another employee about the suspicious activity, and then walked toward the biohazard room.

She said she could hear a noise inside.

The other employee opened the door to reveal Freeze in the room, going through a storage container used to store sharps containers, holding used syringes and vials of various medicines.

Freeze allegedly shut the door on the employees and kept her foot against it to prevent it opening again.

One of the employees asked Freeze if she worked there, and she said she didn’t but that she wasn’t feeling well.

The employee walked away from the door and Freeze exited the room, took the elevator to the first floor and left the hospital.

The suspect is a former employee of HCMC and her employment was terminated in December, according to Davis’ report.

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