25 years ago

A video supporting the Biblical theory of creation was scheduled to be shown at the Christ Lutheran Church on West Wood Street in Paris. Church member Walter Peters was in charge of the event. 

Members of the Henry Pirate cheerleading squad receiving awards at a banquet included Jeryn Warren, Whitney Reynolds, Miranda Hutson, Kristan Marie Phillips, Erin Homesley, Casey Jane Parker, Kathy Nunnery and Jamie Spillers. 

Two young hunters were featured in a Steve McCadams photo preparing for an annual youth deer hunt. Michael McDaniel and Nathan Scammerhorn were the two hopefuls. 

Gary’s Discount held an anniversary sale. Among items were figurines at 39 cents, a 12-inch kids bicycle at $29.95 and a large bag of pine cones at $4.49.  


50 years ago

A party of local hunters was pictured with 12 deer they had harvested in Colorado. In the group were D.C. Hutson, Martin Howard, Wendell Flanagan, O.C. Scarbrough, Bobby Owens and Jim Bob Jones. They had camped four days near Green Mountain, Colo.

The Sportsman Store at 312 E. Wood St. advertised Browning, Remington, Ithaca and Winchester guns for the upcoming seasons.

Costume winners of Cub Scout Pack 77’s Halloween party were pictured. Included were Brad Olds, Ivan Asher, Douglas Rogers, Reggie Lyell, Jeff Moody, Darrell Cobb, Steve Barrow and Johnny Steele. 

Lonardo Piano Co. was having a clearance sale on musical instruments, tapes and other merchandise.

75 years ago

Mrs. Kenneth Clayton received word from her husband, Petty Officer Clayton, saying he arrived on the West Coast. He would meet Mrs. Clayton in Memphis to start a 30-day leave. He’d been serving with the Navy Postal Service in the southwest Pacific. 

Pvt. Millard Kesterson Jr. of Paris received the Bronze Star medal for heroic achievement in action in Italy. He was a member of a machine gun crew and “displayed great personal courage in hostile fire in supporting an assault of strong enemy emplacements,” a citation said. 

Col. Frank Nance, auctioneer of war bonds, livestock, real estate and anything else saleable, finished boot camp training at Camp Perry, Va., and made a bee-line for Paris on furlough. He said he had auctioned off about $100,000 in war bonds. 


100 years ago

A news report from Humboldt told of a mob breaking into the jail and shooting a Negro man who had been arrested for grossly insulting a white woman. The man was found in the hallway of the jail with many bullet wounds. He was taken to a Memphis hospital where it was thought he would not survive. However, he had regained consciousness and was said to have been able to identify some members of the mob. 

Local nimrods were polishing their guns in preparation for the duck season which opened at Reelfoot Lake. The hunters were reminded that a Reelfoot Lake permit was required in addition to a state hunting license. The season would run three months and include ducks, geese, coots, gallinules, jackanapes, rails, golden plover and greater and lesser yellowlegs. 

The Parisian and The Progressive Farmer newspapers were offered in a special combined subscription for $2.15 a year. 

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