Henry County Sheriff’s Cpl. Stacey Bostwick was suspended from duty Friday night after a Facebook post that the Sheriff Monte Belew said was “extremely insensitive.”

Sheriff Monte Belew said Bostwick is on paid leave as of now, since he is entitled to due process.

He said a seven-person panel, including supervisors from the Sheriff’s Department and a county commissioner, will meet Monday morning to determine what official action will be taken against Bostwick.

The panel will also decide what kind of sensitivity training the department needs going forward. “That training will be immediately implemented,” said Belew.

Bostwick’s post included a photograph of an African American male carrying bottles of alcohol, and the text, “A grief stricken protestor expresses his outrage over the killing of George Floyd by stealing liquor.”

A post from the Sheriff’s Department on Friday night announced Bostwick’s suspension.

“While we do not condone rioting or looting we also whole heartedly do not condone what happened to George Floyd in Minnesota,” the post said. “We at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office strive to be servants of the community and Cpl. Bostwick’s post DOES NOT reflect the values or morals of this department.”

Belew said Bostwick will remain under suspension through the weekend, until the panel decides what the department's next actions should be.

Bostwick is the handler for the department's K-9 officer Rowdy. He and Belew were both honored by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department in November 2018 for their role in capturing multiple murder suspect Kirby Wallace on Oct. 5, 2018, after a seven-day manhunt.

The department's statement said it hoped "this single event does not undo all of the good Cpl. Bostwick has done in his career as a Law Enforcement Officer, Paramedic and Firefighter."

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