Saturday’s Helping Hand radio auction raised $28,427, and Friday’s auction raised $2,933, bringing the yearly total to $214,735. Saturday’s items were donated by First Baptist Church, while Friday’s items were donated by the Paris Soccer Club, Hoof Beats of Hope, Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls, Henry County Genealogical Society, Henry County Cemetery Committee, Henry County Archives and the Henry County Chamber Music Society.

Today’s auction will feature items donated by the Henry/Bunns community, Henry School Beta Club, Sanders Senior Citizens Center, Point Pleasant Baptist Church and Open Doors Community Church.



Tuesday’s auction will feature items donated by the Sunnyside/Country Wood communities, Scenic Hills/Castleton Cove communities, the Paris-Henry County Food Bank, Extendicare of West Tennessee, Ladies with SWAG and the Henry County High School fishing team.

For more information, call Penny Lancaster (336-7372), Janette Weng (641-0282) or Rhonda Compton (644-9903) for Sunnyside/Country Wood, Deb Patterson (731-407-4151) for Scenic Hills/Castleton Cove, David Flowers (731-676-0156) or Carlton Gerrell (731-693-3333) for the Food Bank, Andrea Nance (644-9925) for Extendicare, Roberta Taylor (731-415-5249) for Ladies with SWAG, and Jennifer Starks (731-676-1303) for the fishing team.



Wednesday’s auction will feature items donated by the Paris Landing community and resort areas, the Country Club Estates/Nelson/Shady Grove communities, the HCHS cross country team, the Wesley Pine Ridge apartments and Team National.

For more information, call Reggie Coles (644-9360) or Judy Macky (336-4621) for Paris Landing, Bettye Paschall (731-676-0145) or Teresa Barnhill (642-6618) for Country Club Estates/Nelson/Shady Grove, Amy Lawrence (731-431-6634) for the cross country team, Elizabeth Herndon (641-0864) for Wesley Pine Ridge, and Lisa Beddies (336-0968) for Team National.


TODAY’S AUCTION is scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. on WRQR-AM (1000 AM) and WRQR-FM (97.5 FM). To bid, call 644-1695.  

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