The Cottage Grove Legislative Council agreed this week to schedule an open sale next month to sell surplus property from the former general store in the city.

The council, meeting Tuesday, voted to sell pizza equipment from the former store to a restaurant in the Sedalia, Ky., area for $6,750.

The city will have an open sale March 14 at the city hall building to sell the remaining surplus property from the store. The sale will begin at 8 a.m.

In other action, Mayor David Jackson presented information on a Park and Land Grant and possible grant options for the city.

Council member Machelle Operia suggested installing drink vending machines on the city hall property for sales. She will contact Pepsi and Jackson will contact Coca-Cola to discuss a possible deal.

The 2018 delinquent property report was given. There are six pieces of property on the list. About 60% of the 2019 property taxes are unpaid so far. 

Citizen Dorothy Miller inquired about a road issue on her property. Council member Matthew McClure said he will follow up on that issue.

Hunter Adams and City Recorder Carolyn Kaminski were named to the 2020-21 budget committee.

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