Henry County schools will not begin on Aug. 3 as scheduled, after action by the county Board of Education Tuesday morning to delay the start of the school year until Aug. 31.

In a called meeting, the board discussed the various pros and cons of going ahead with the school year or delaying it by either two weeks or a month.

The board eventually voted on a motion by Tom Beasley to delay the start of school for 30 days. That motion was amended by Jim McCampbell to set the new start date at Aug. 31. McCampbell was emphatic that his aim is for the school year to start on that date even if it has to be with virtual learning.

The county school system includes Henry County High School for grades 10-12, Grove School for grade 9, and Henry, Harrelson and Lakewood schools for grades K-8.

The Paris Special School District has a meeting set for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday to discuss its school year.

For a full story on Tuesday's meeting, see the Wednesday print edition of The Post-Intelligencer.

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