The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department has released confirmation on the suicide death of Billy Andrew Smothers.

According to an investigative report released Monday, Smothers shot himself in the head June 21 when confronted with law enforcement and died in a helicopter on the way to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.

Smothers, 32, of Hollow Rock, had an active federal arrest warrant as well as an active Carroll County arrest warrant for a vehicle theft. He was also a person of interest in Henry County thefts of a vehicle and a cattle trailer, as well as in a Weakley County break-in and thefts of a vehicle, a gun and a trailer.

In a report by Carroll County Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Taylor, he, Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis Adkins and Dispatcher Ashley Todd, who was riding along with Adkins, spotted a possible stolen Dodge pickup on Highway 77 near Huntingdon and turning into a driveway.

A registration check verified it was a stolen vehicle. When Adkins returned to the home, the vehicle was gone. Adkins was looking on the property for tire tracks when he heard something that sounded like tires spinning.

Other officers responded to the scene, along with a search helicopter and they searched the property.

The officers located the stolen vehicle in a wooded area next to the property.

Taylor, Adkins and Drug Task Force Director Tim Meggs approached the truck to discover that its driver had left on foot.

Officers spotted Smothers just inside the woods and were approaching him when he shot himself.

Emergency Medical Services were called to the scene and Smothers was transported by ambulance to McLemoresville Emergency Medical Services Station where he was picked up to be flown to Vanderbilt.

According to the report, officers were notified that he died in-flight.

While this was going on in Carroll County, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department, Lexington Police Department and federal agents received information about a location in Henderson County where they located one stolen cattle trailer from Henry County, one stolen cattle trailer from Carroll County, two stolen trucks from Carroll County, one stolen truck from Weakley County, one stolen Polaris Ranger from Carroll County, three stolen guns and numerous stolen tools.

This was detailed in a file attached to Taylor’s police report.

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