The Paris Commission Thursday afternoon approved two requests recommended by the Paris Municipal Regional Planning Commission, as well as sending two new requests to planners for their approval and recommendation.

A public hearing at the start of the meeting drew no responses for rezoning the corner of West Wood and North Irvine streets. The property owner, Yvonnia Williamson, requested it be rezoned from commercial to residential. Planners recommended it be rezoned to R-3-M (multi-family residential medium density) and the commission approved.

Larry Bolding’s request to acquire a dead end right of way at 109 Iris St. was also approved. The street is an extension/portion of Crosswy Street just off Greer Street.

Commissioners again approved the planners’ recommendation, adding the Keenan Amendments (mainly easements for utilities) and contingent on Bolding acquiring the property on the south side of the street.

The two rezoning requests sent to the planners included one by Janet French for property at 102 Fairview St.  She is asking that it be rezoned from single family medium residential to commercial.

The other request was from Tim Wirgau at 130 Abbott Lane. He wants the property rezoned from PM (planned industrial) to PB (planned business) so he can develop a portion of his property as an assisted living facility.

Finance Director Traci Shannon reported an increase of almost 9 percent in April retail sales compared to a year ago.

“That number has pushed us ahead for the fiscal year to date by 0.91 percent,” Shannon said.

As she had predicted last month, the city’s general fund expenditures exceeded revenues in May.

In addition to $521,000 in principal payments on debt service, the city also had several other large expenses, she said.

Those expenses included $114,000 for an emergency radio project, $29,000 for roofing for the Paris Civic Center/Krider Performing Arts Center, $54,000 for police department software, $71,000 for the Gerald Howard Pool parking lot and $23,000 for drainage repair under Volunteer Drive.

Shannon also reported 14 new part-time Parks and Recreation employees, 11 of whom were rehired from the previous year, six part-time civic center lifeguards and two part-time KPAC employees.

Ten new business licenses were issued in May.

Michael Murphey was appointed to a four-year term on the Paris Board of Public Utilities, replacing John VanDyck, who has retired after almost 10 years on the board.

A state-mandated report on debt obligation was approved. It is regarding the BPU’s recent federal Department of Agriculture debt issuance.

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