Today’s COVID-19 information from the Tennessee Department of Health contains incomplete information.

As readers may have noticed, The Post-Intelligencer has been waiting for COVID data from the state since the Jan. 5 paper.

Before the start of the new year, state officials announced they would be changing the frequency that they announce COVID statistics from each business day to once a week.

The paper uses two separate websites to present a spread of data to our readers: a County Data Snapshot page at the state Department of Health website; and the state’s COVID-19 data dashboard for Henry County at

The health department website was updated Wednesday afternoon — eight days from its last update, posting data that supposedly ranged from Dec. 28 to Jan. 10, yet was labeled elsewhere as being current as of Jan. 8.

The website from the state’s COVID-19 data dashboard had not been updated since Jan. 4 as of 5:45 p.m. Wednesday.

As that page is the only one to list active cases in the county, that number has been grayed out in the data list at left.

Since the last update, the county has gone from 5,931 total cases to 6,131, and from 118 to 119 deaths. Average each day has gone from 16.3 to 24.7.

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